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Jackie Chavarro

I hired Cem to take care of transitioning tenants while I was traveling. He is extremely responsive, detail oriented and super helpful. He has helped alleviate the stress from tenant turnover and taken over the time-consuming responsibility of ensuring the tenants are taken care of. Landlords- I highly recommend you contact Cem to assist with your building’s needs!

Natalie Haddad

The quality and maintenance of this building is great! Any issues are immediately addressed and the management really takes care of the common areas.

Sarah Moya

I have lived in one of Cem and Semih's properties since moving to Brooklyn in 2017. I have been so pleased with the condition of the premises, their timely responses to questions and concerns, and their overall kindness. I absolutely love my apartment, and Cem and Semih are certainly some of the most easy-going and supportive landlords in the city. I cannot recommend them enough.

Parla Ozgediz

Cem is a great real estate agent and a very pleasant person to work with. He is honest, diligent and very professional. My tenant had to break the lease and Cem was able to rent it in a very short amount time. His ideas and advice throughout the whole process was very invaluable. He was always responsive and very knowledgeable about the market and the neighborhoods in Brooklyn. I am so grateful to him and his team as at the end I didn’t have to incur any losses and found a really nice tenant for a longer term in these difficult times. I highly recommend Cem and his company to whoever is looking to hire a real estate company. Top quality service!

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