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Brooklyn Antique Door Restoration

One of our customers asked if we could restore their condo's exterior antique wooden door which was very detailed. The task was very challenging due to the sheer size of the door and the intricate details. New York winters are extra hard on the exterior doors due to rain, snow, and salt. The door hadn't been refinished in the last decade or two and it needed an overhaul.

The first thing we did was a proper assessment of the door to figure out if there was rotted wood, missing trim pieces, and any broken hardware. Then we sanded every section of the door.

It took four days to sand the door to the bare wood. During the sanding process, we also patched up the damaged parts of the door with wood filler. We matched the exterior stain color with the interior lobby doors, which were in pristine condition.

We noticed that some sections of the door were patched in the past with different species of wood. Varying wood species make matching stain colors difficult. We had to use a darker stain in those areas and blended them in.

Our customer was very satisfied with the way the door came out. With regular cleaning and sealing routine, this door will last them another 50 years.

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